WORMS IN SAND, project 2005-2008

I want to show the small, nearly invisible occurrence of earthworms making traces. An occurrence a lot of people have discovered, but not scrutinized. By letting worms perform this action, thus creating drawings in sand, I am questioning the tradition of a drawing itself. What it drawing? What are it s limitations as an art form? How should drawings be exhibited?

The project has been shown as a performance-installation, both in- and outdoors, as an Internet site, as a short animation film and as photos. Outdoor photo from the performance-installations at “ Solli Brug” 2008, at the centre for new media art “Atelier Nord” and at the Mantena factory where the installation base was built in 2003. 

A house for worms made by anonymous Mantena-worker Alternative ways of placing the worms on the platform, not using the special made worm stick.